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All of the "list" endpoints for bulk fetching support pagination. The list API methods share a structure and accept at least the two parameters limit and start. Both limit and start are optional. Making a request without specifying limit will use a default page size of 5. Making a request without specifying start will return the first page of results.

The response of a list API method represents a single page, with the page length being set by the limit parameter. By default, most endpoints will default to reverse chronological order (newest objects first). See each endpoint for more details on sort and order options.

The data property will contain a list of summary objects. Each one of those objects will have some summary attributes that are unique to the object. Each object will also have a urls property, which contains a details key, which is the URL of the endpoint you must query in order to retrieve the full details of the object. The urls property may contain other keys with links to query for other related objects as well.


limitoptional5The limit of the number of objects returned in a single response, between 1 and 100.
startoptional0The index position of the first object in the response. This is used to fetch the next page of the list.

List response format

objectstringValue is 'list'. A string describing the object type returned
nextstringThe URL to request the next page of the list. If not set, this is the last page of the list.
limitnumberThe limit parameter used in the request
startnumberThe start parameter used in the request
dataarrayAn array containing the response objects for the requested page of the list
sizenumberThe number of elements inside of data

Example response

  "object": "list",
  "next": "/v1/campaigns?limit=5&start=5",
  "limit": 5,
  "start": 0,
  "data": [
      "object": "campaign",
      "id": "e76d4cb7-e1e7-4579-ab24-7967377bfdd7",
      "name": "Weekly Newsletter",
      "status": "active",
      "emails_count": 6,
      "urls": {
        "details": "/v1/campaigns/e76d4cb7-e1e7-4579-ab24-7967377bfdd7",
        "emails": "/v1/campaigns/e76d4cb7-e1e7-4579-ab24-7967377bfdd7/emails",
  "size": 5,